Annona is a Food and Drink WordPress theme. It allows users to shuffle content around on its featured page by selecting posts whose content will then populate that area. This particular section is designed to display restaurant hours, address, and maybe a map.

With the advent of Gutenburg in WordPress, users have more flexibility than ever to customize their themes. You can adjust the width of the columns in this section by using a column block in the editor.

Annona pairs well with great photos. This demo site would not look nearly as good without these images of sumptuous spreads.

  • “Antipasto Catering Platter With Bacon, Jerky, Sausage”, user designcoo, pickupimage.
  • “Fresh Green Salad”, user diningtable, pickupimage.
  • “Indian Vegetable Grill Sandwich”, Cristian Ungureanu, themeisle.
  • “Beef Burger With Bacon”, user flickerpd, pickupimage.

Parallax isOverratedBut Cool Sometimes

Keeping it Simple

Annona’s featured template allows users to show visitors every snippet of relevant information about their business on one page. This template, which you are currently viewing, is loosely organized into rows, each of which contains slots for text and/or image content. It’s also fully responsive and accessible. The goal is that businesses using their web presence to guide customers to their brick and mortar location can do so in an enticing way without needless clicking.

Adding Content

Annona makes intensive use of the WordPress Customizer. A user can populate the featured page by first making a post in the WordPress backend as she normally would, and then assigning that post to a location on the page using the customizer.

Any styles you apply in the back end with Gutenberg, such as the highlighted background on this sentence, will carry over.

The Testimonial Section

This section is meant for testimonials or reviews of your business’ products and services. But of course, you can use it for whatever you want. By default, there is room for three of these purple panels. Users can modify this up to a maximum of 6 by adding a filter to the ‘Annona Testimonial Count’ hook.

You’ve lost that lived in feeling

Websites these days can often feel a little bit cold and overfamiliar. The lines are straight, the edges are sanded and the animations are smooth, but where is that draft coming from? Annona seeks to deliver a little more verve. This verve takes the form of a bright color scheme, some fun SVG backgrounds, and a generally exuberant presentation.

Annona was designed as a restaurant theme. Its featured page is arranged to spotlight mouthwatering images of food. However, any individual or small business in search of a digital identity will find it presents the who’s, what’s and where’s of their operation in style. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss making modifications to suit your needs.